The Debt Recovery and Fraud Identification Solution for Local Authorities

The most comprehensive data hub designed exclusively for Local Authorities to increase revenues and improve efficiency in tracing debtors and tackling fraud


Where is LoCTA used?

One license can be used across all Local Authority departments enabling effective data sharing and driving cost and time efficiency.

The recent Digital Economy Act legislation enables any department within a Local Authority to use the LoCTA Hub subject to their own internal GDPR compliance procedures. Should any data need to be witheld the LoCTA Hub provides the facility for users to do so.

  • Unlimited Usage
  • Unlimited Searches

The LoCTA Solution

Original and most trusted data hub providing secure tracing and fraud detection solutions for the Public Sector since 2006.

Tackling Benefit Fraud

Most extensive data hub available to Local Authorities to trace debtors and reduce benefit fraud.

  • Build a single view of debtor through ‘Person Profile’

  • Broadest data set available – in one place

  • Flexible searches and filters to ensure accuracy

  • Data updated weekly to provide up to date information

  • Managed access to data and user verification

Tracing Council Tax Debtors

Original and most trusted data hub providing secure tracing and fraud detection solutions.

  • Build a single view of debtors through ‘Person Profile’
  • Broadest data set available in one place
  • Wild card name searching

  • Search open cases only

  • Find additional occupants

  • Contains forwarding addresses

Tackling Business Rate Fraud

Dynamic business rates hub with flexible, secure search capability incorporating the most up-to-date business information.

  • Provides ‘fuzzy logic’ search for company names
  • Dynamic search features for postcode, locality & distance

  • Built-in filters for SBRR / SBBS and mixed hereditament

  • Generates SBRR / SBBS Alerts (Weekly report)

  • Further datasets being incorporated


LoCTA’s compilation of validated Local Authority and national data sets, with it’s flexible and dynamic search features, offers benefits for users across all Local Authority departments.

Dynamic Search

Flexible, secure and comprehensive search feature providing instant results.

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Powerful Monitoring
& Weekly Alerts

Monitoring of individuals and businesses with alerts when information appears in the hub.

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Efficient and effective batch facility to trace individuals and businesses.

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Integrated Links
To 3rd Parties

Direct access to a range of 3rd party data from the LoCTA Hub.

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Build a complete picture of a debtor in a single view.

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Access To
Commercial Data

Preferential rates on consumer and business credit reference agency reports.

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A secure and efficient way of tracing debtors and tackling fraud

Tried. Tested. Trusted


Local Authorities

Validated data used and shared securely across 200 UK Local Authorities


Individual Records

Validated Local Authority and national data sets in one place


“After a year of using TransUnion via our LoCTA Hub Licence, we have reduced our Credit Reference searches by 26% and the cost by 35%.  We’ve achieved this via the exclusive 4 for 1 searches that MAG:NET secured with TransUnion.  The users and contracts are all maintained by our Account Manager at MAG:NET, which means we can roll all of our tracing needs into one easy contract.”

Linda Cooper, Assistant Head of Revenues and Benefits, Bolton Council

“Wakefield were CitizenView users for many years..  We have since moved to TransUnion, via LoCTA.  The feedback the team have given is that the TransUnion reports, via LoCTA are very comprehensive.. The best thing staff say about them is the layout – it’s easy to follow and understand.”

Colin Stower, Council Tax Manager, Wakefield Council